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No More Charging Struggles: Trust the Leading Mobile Battery Replacement Service in Guwahati, Assam.

Losing your charge Fast, we have the right solution for you. Drainage of the battery is always a headache when you have an emergency. In this world, everything is connected to a mobile phone; it is not possible to be stuck in a charging issue. Consider giving your phone to the right hands and watching how the Apple service center in Guwahati fix it.

Introduction: The Keypad Mobile Service Centre is one of the best mobile repair centers in Assam. With over 23 years of experience in the servicing industry, we provide excellent mobile repair service in the city. Dealing with various issues over different brands, we always manage to build a huge amount of trust with our customers. Repairing your beloved mobile phone at a very reasonable price without compromising the quality has always been our goal. Our Apple service centre in Assam, include screen replacements to hardware issues. The major problem a lot of people face is that of battery drain. They are often complaining about the low battery life of their phones. The following are some of the reasons and cures to keep your phone's battery alive:

9 major reasons for the drainage of the battery in your mobile phone

· Background Apps: Apps running in the background can consume battery power even when not actively in use.

· Location services: continuous use of GPS for navigation or location-based apps like Google Maps can significantly impact battery life.

· Push notification: Apps that constantly send push notifications can cause battery drainage as they constantly wake up the mobile device. Running multiple apps and receiving notifications from them will also use a large amount of your phone’s battery.

· Screen brightness: Make sure to minimize the screen brightness in your settings. High screen brightness can cause high battery drainage.

· Device age: the health of the battery depends on how old your device is; the older the device, the more battery drainage will occur.

· Overcharging: continuous charging up to 100 percent and leaving the device plugged will make your battery weak.

· Media consumption: watching videos, editing videos, designing graphics, using cameras, and playing intensive games will all consume extreme battery levels.

· Software updates: sometimes software updates can introduce bugs or inefficient code that leads to increased battery consumption.

· Hardware component: faulty hardware components, such as defective batteries, can cause extreme battery drainage. Make sure to get the mobile phone battery repaired from a trusted mobile shop.


9 Easy Ways to Prevent Battery Drainage:

· Adjust screen brightness: lowered brightness in settings can significantly reduce battery consumption.

· Manage unused apps: close unused apps in the background to avoid battery consumption.

· Disable the location service app: when you are not using GPS, Google Maps, or any location tracking app, turn it off to conserve mobile battery drainage.

· Enable battery saver mode: many mobile devices offer battery saver mode to make users not worry about battery consumption.

· Limit notifications and use dark mode: limit notifications from apps that continuously send push notifications; this will largely reduce battery life. Using dark mode can also save you from battery drainage, especially on OLED screens.

· Update apps and operating systems: Ensure your apps and operating systems are up-to-date. Updates usually bring battery optimisations.

· Limit live and animated wallpapers and effects. Live and animated wallpapers can be visually appealing but can consume a large amount of battery; instead, use steady wallpaper for more convenience.

· Avoid overcharging: unplug your charger as soon as your phone is fully charged; otherwise, it will drain your battery.

· Invest in a high-quality charger and cable to practice good battery habits. Using a high-quality charger will solve your battery drainage problem to some extent. Avoid letting your battery drain completely and recharge it before it reaches critically low levels, as this can help prolong its overall lifespan.

Battery drainage and the ultimate solution to make your phone battery alive: The Keypad.

The Keypad, the most trusted mobile repairing shop in Guwahati, Assam, has got your back for the battery drainage problem you are facing. We know the significance of mobile phones in your life. From day to dawn, even the entire day, you must have a mobile phone as your companion, whether it is for work purposes, entertainment purposes, or spending some valuable time with your long-distance family and friends. We know how tiring it is when your phone's battery drains. Here, Keypad can be your expert solution for all your concerns regarding your battery drainage problem. You can control battery drainage, but it is always important and convenient to seek validation from an expert mobile repair service. A mobile repairing shop in Assam has all the solutions for your smartphone’s battery issues. Connect with us now and enjoy a tension-free life with your mobile phone.

Conclusion: The best mobile repairing shop in Guwahati, The Keypad will be the best choice to repair your mobile phone. As the leading smartphone service centre, you will have the best repair experience here in our shop with Wi-Fi facilities, and most importantly, you will encounter the best service from our team to resolve your mobile phone problems. From guiding you to updating the progress of your mobile repair, we keep in touch with our customers until you pick up your rejuvenated device from our shop. Our customer satisfaction has been our confidence and a testament to always showing the best performance at work. This motivates us to stay ahead of anyone. If you find us, your search for the best mobile repairing shop in Assam ends here. Servicing your phone, whether it is a screen replacement or the most complicated hardware issues, we offer you excellent service. Our team tends to make your phone alive as soon as possible from the time you drop it. We make it fast without compromising the quality of the products we use for repair. If, by any chance, the repair is not satisfactory, you can come to us. We will take care of the rest. We also give significance to your privacy, as we have strict policies and a trusted team to handle your device. No more using a battery-drained phone; contact us now to rejuvenate your device.

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